Car Update

Peter —  October 4, 2013

This afternoon I took the car/minibus into the local garage here and they replaced the part that was easily replaceable.  At the moment everything feels good.  We won’t know if it has solved the problem until the problem recurs (please pray it won’t until we are tootling around Chippenham just over a week from now!)

We could have the problem solved, which would be great.  What was great was that the Fiat garage only charged for 0.75 of an hour for labour (I was tempted to have them call a main dealer back home and suggest the practice 🙂

So we have come to the end of our week in the Dolomites – pictures to follow, but what a stunning area!  Tomorrow we drive west to stay with friends near Asti (of Spumante fame, or near Alba of Nutella fame).  On Sunday we are driving into Torino where I will be preaching at the International Church there.  It will be great to reconnect with friends there, not least Huw and Alison of Cor Deo 2011 – always great to have a follow-up opportunity with past Cor Deo participants.

Thanks for your prayers.  We are appreciating the rest and time to make memories with the children, as well as chatting together and thinking through the next months!