Bouncing from Review to Preview

Peter —  November 20, 2009

It does feel a bit busy at the moment.  Both of us are looking forward to December when there might be a bit of space in the schedule to get to things that have been forced onto the backburner for a few weeks.  Melanie is working at the moment to collect signatures from people in this area to present to the local MP (member of parliament) in opposition to government plans to fundamentally change the stance of the law on homeschooling, and by implication, on parenting and education in general (changing it from a right to a privilege determined by authorities, with all the implications that come with that – including compulsory interviewing of children without parents present, etc.).  If you live in Surrey and would like to add to the nationwide petition that Melanie is handling for this area, please let us know.  Please pray for the rushed government bill to fail.

Meanwhile I’m pulling my preparation together for this weekend of ministry.  Nine sessions in four days in four churches.  Here’s a snapshot – sessions on Revelation Friday and Saturday evening, along with a seminar on Bible Study on Saturday afternoon, a Sunday morning message on the Christian’s relationship to the Law and a Q&A on Sunday afternoon.  That’s a church Bible weekend.  Saturday morning I have a men’s breakfast at an Anglican church in the area.  Sunday evening I speak at another church full of old friends (please take that the right way).  Then we head to Bristol where I’ll speak at the church I grew up at on Tuesday evening.  Thanks for praying for all this – no need to remember the details, God answers prayer even when we don’t remember which specific meeting is which!