Boat Trip

Melanie —  July 1, 2011

A few weeks ago we had a special family outing on the Kennet and Avon Canal for my (Melanie’s) birthday.  Last year, we visited the Caen Hill Locks in Devizes with a dear friend who has spent a lot of time on the canals in England.  We got the idea to take her with us on the Kennet and Avon as that was the one canal she had never been on in this country.  Sooo, the Mead family and Auntie Anne headed out for a day trip!  It was such a fun experience.

Here we are in front of the boat we rented - The Wyvern.

Auntie Anne (the expert) at the helm, with Joel and Aliyah

Anne bought us each a badge . . . Joel's was "Chief Engineer," Mariah's was "Miss-chief," Hannah and Aliyah had "Duck Spotter," Peter had "Lock Labourer," and I had "Admiral" 🙂

Peter and Mariah take a turn steering

It was such a beautiful trip. We saw loads of ducks and moorhens and even a heron.

We got to go through one lock which was a fun experience. Here we are approaching it.

We entered the lock alongside another boat (a big one!)

Here are Peter and the older girls waiting to open the lock gates.

I got to open my birthday presents onboard and even eat some gluten-free cupcakes the kids and Peter had made me. Aliyah crocheted a little "ear-warmer" for me and Hannah added some trim. They know my ears get cold in the winter time. Cute.

We celebrated 12 wonderful years of marriage the day before the boat trip.

How blessed am I to have four gorgeous children?!!

Watch this space . . . more photos coming soon from the wedding we were at last weekend.