Another Special Weekend

Peter —  February 1, 2010

Friday night we celebrated George and Drena Verwer’s 50th anniversary in London.  I went from there up to Coventry where I spent the next two days at a church I first visited last January.  It was great to be back and to re-connect with friends made last year.  It was a great time of fellowship around the Word during the day on Saturday, again with my very gracious hosts, then on Sunday for two services plus an afternoon with the new pastor.  Every element of the weekend was a real blessing.  On my way home I stopped off in Banbury for a late night chat with one of the trustees for Cor Deo and left some leaflets with him.  It was great to meet his wife as well and again. . . gracious hosts for a late night visitor!  So it’s been a long and busy weekend, but it’s good to be back and get settled into home-based life for the next couple of weeks now.

Tonight Melanie told the children that they will be doing a public speaking exercise at home school club tomorrow.  They can either choose a subject, or be assigned a subject, and then have to speak to the whole group for a minute.  Hannah and Aliyah (for whom it matters), did great in a practice run through tonight.  Mariah and Joel (for whom it apparently matters even more) also had a practice.  Joel’s volume went sky high in an explosion of energy.  Mariah started hesitantly, then kept going . . . through the buzzer, still going.  Five minutes later, still going strong!  I’ll look forward to hearing the report after tomorrow afternoon!