An Eclectic Meal at the Meads

Peter —  January 30, 2009

This evening’s meal was quite interesting.  The food was fine, and a tad diverse, but that’s not what I’m referring to.  (By diverse I mean vegetable juice, rice blinis, hard boiled eggs, salad, pear, kiwi . . . that kind of diverse.)  At one point after most of the eating was done and we were sitting around listening to Aliyah read from a children’s devotional book (we didn’t read over breakfast today), Hannah was braiding Melanie’s hair into four chunky braids, Mariah was eating through a bowl of tomatoes intended for all of us, Joel was sitting in his high chair wearing only a pair of stars and stripes swimming shorts, covering his eyes and saying “More! More!”(they played swimming before dinner – in the living room with cushions for water), and I was periodically spraying Joel from across the room with a jet of water from a spray bottle usually used for morning hair creations.  I know, I shouldn’t distract Joel from devotional readings by his sister, but it was a fun and eclectic meal experience!  Anyone want to come over for dinner sometime?  It will be interesting, but we can’t guarantee quiet!