Almost There

Peter —  January 5, 2008

Our webhost has solved the picture problem, as you can see if you click on Family Intro. Just a few more tweaks and the site should be set again. Once it is we’ll send out an email to let people know. Meanwhile we’ll keep updating for those that have found it. We just finished breakfast, which recently has produced a new word. When asked what she wants, Mariah often says, “Ink-yoll.” Translation? Oatmeal. It’s funny how children can speak so clearly but struggle with one or two words. I suppose some adults do too. Today will be a lazier day for us, taking care of a few errands and last minute preparation before tomorrow. Speaking of which, appreciate your prayers for tomorrow. I have a very early start, a long drive, a meeting mid-morning then home in the afternoon. It is a church near where the ship was in the summer. The car has been a little funny recently, so please pray for it to make the journey without problems (at least not on the way!)