Adventures in Missions

Peter —  October 22, 2008

In the past missionary heroes packed their coffins and headed to their death.  Either they’d die soon, or after many tough years on the other side of the world.  It’s easy to criticize missionaries in the past, but let’s not forget what they did with the gospel.  Now to today.  I taught all day and then this evening was picked up by a Swedish missionary working at another Theological Seminary here in town.  He decided from my picture that I looked young enough to be picked up on his scooter.  Not what I was expecting, but it was a fun mini-adventure for this non-hero of modern missions.  Riding on the back of a scooter in Sri Lanka is not the same as it would be in England or the US, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.  We had a good evening together, enjoying Sri Lankan food (including ochra – a first time for me), and fellowship.  It is so encouraging to meet others committed to training and equipping people so the church is built up.  The need is great for training, but I thank God for the good things that are being done in these two institutions here in Sri Lanka.  So now it’s late.  I need to grade some daily assignments, get some sleep and then enjoy another six teaching sessions tomorrow.  Thanks for praying for me here and my Mead-team at home . . . it will be great to see them all again in a couple of days!