A Weekend Away

Peter —  February 17, 2008

We got back this evening from the weekend away.  Melanie finds it funny how English English is often very literal (eg. pushchair rather than stroller), and in this case a “weekend away” rather than a “retreat.”  Thank you for praying for us.  In many ways it was a very good weekend.  The messages all seemed to go very well and the feedback was very encouraging.  Hopefully this investment from God’s Word will bear fruit in the short and long-term.  The messages were just part of the package though – great music adds so much to church life, plus beautiful setting, great food, and a good atmosphere among the people.  On the challenging side Melanie had a bad migraine last night, plus Mariah was unwell for the first part of the night.  Being away together is a blessing in many ways, but it’s also a much more complex experience for all of us!  We’re glad we did it and thankful to the church for inviting us all.  The children seemed to enjoy themselves too.  So now it’s back to normal life.  We’ve a birthday to celebrate tomorrow, ministry to plan and so on.  I’ll write soon and ask for prayer about a trip coming up that has some specific challenges attached.  But for now, thanks for praying.