A Place to Stay

Melanie —  March 26, 2008

We are very grateful tonight because the Lord has provided a place for us to stay during the two months we will be in Oregon.  A couple from our sending church has offered us their rental house.  It will be perfect for us and its in a perfect location!  We are so grateful to have this aspect of our trip arranged.  Please keep praying for the multitude of smaller tasks we need to do in the next three weeks before we go.  For those of you who don’t know, we’ll be flying to Los Angeles, California on April 16th.  We’ll spend 2 weeks there before going on to Oregon.  The main purpose of this trip is to reconnect with our prayer and financial supporters, including our sending church in Oregon.  Peter will be doing a lot of speaking as well.

A prayer request: Please pray specifically for Christianity Explored tomorrow night.  It is the last meeting of the course.  I think the subject matter will be more personal and a challenge will be given as to where people are in their relationship with God.  Please pray for Samantha, Sharon, John, Esme, Julee and Kym. Pray for God’s Spirit to move and His love to be poured out in their hearts.  Pray also for Samantha and I as we discuss the home study tomorrow afternoon.

A practical request: Does anyone (local to us here!) have a spare large duffel bag we could use for our trip to the U.S.A?  We are looking for the kind without the stiff bottom.  We’d like to be able to roll them up inside other pieces of luggage since we will come back with more than we take!  Also, we want to avoid using suitcases since we’ll need to fit all our luggage inside a people carrier (mini van) which we will rent in California during our 2 weeks there.  Duffel bags squish into small spaces more easily than suitcases!