A Month of Joy – Part One

Melanie —  July 11, 2023


ABUNDANT JOY! That is how I would sum up our month in the USA.  It felt like God gave us one joyful blessing after another – grace upon grace.  For me, it felt almost too much to take in.  I don’t know if it was because this month followed an especially difficult season, or what it was, but it felt a bit hard to accept all the goodness.  Maybe there is something in me that felt I didn’t deserve it or that the joy would all come to a crashing halt.  The verse came to my mind where Paul says, I have learned the secret of being content in plenty and in want.  Perhaps that tells us that Paul had to learn to be content even with plenty.  So it’s been a season to learn to accept grace from my loving heavenly Father – gracious undeserved gifts of joy.  I will share some of these gifts through photos which will hopefully give you a taste of our trip.

For those of you that prayed for my health, from the bottom of my heart. . . thank you. I was well for the wedding day!  And actually I was incredibly well overall for most of the time we were in the USA.  I did have a couple of migraines but they weren’t severe and they didn’t stop me from doing anything that we had planned.  In fact, I didn’t miss one single special thing that I wanted to do, the whole time. I am still amazed. It felt like a true miracle. Thank you again so much for all your prayers. I am humbled and emotional even now just thinking about the gift of so many good days and how so many people were praying with us.

To start with, the wedding was incredibly special! There’s so much I could share . . .The days leading up to the wedding were so sweet. Spending time with Hannah and Noah and his family, helping with different jobs for the wedding . . . it just felt like such a blessed time and the excitement was building!  The day before the wedding we were busy at the church setting up for the reception.  Many hands working together!  Hannah and her bridesmaids were making bouquets and arranging flowers for the wedding before the rehearsal. That evening we had a fantastic rehearsal dinner (a tradition in the USA) hosted by Noah’s parents.  After the meal, we had an open mic and it was a beautiful and emotional time, as their Hannah and Noah’s family and friends shared memories and encouragements with them.  Many tears were shed!

The excitement was building at the rehearsal!


Five beautiful Mead sisters ready to practice walking down the aisle.


My precious Hannah – I love her so much and what a joy it was to watch her marry Noah. This was taken after an emotional evening at the rehearsal dinner.


And then came the wedding!!






The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and so Christ honouring and joyful.


This was one of the most precious moments of the day for me – all four of us parents praying for our children as they were united in marriage.


And the reception was also a wonderful time. Peter and Noah’s dad gave speeches and also Noah’s brother and Aliyah (best man and maid of honour). And Noah at the end.


Father daughter dance . . . they danced to the song Always Remember to Never Forget . . .such sweet and precious moments to savour. I don’t think there were many dry eyes.


And Hannah and Noah did their first dance to “Time” by John Lucas. It’s all about seasons of life, God making everything beautiful in his time and crowning God as King in the ups and downs of life. It’s worth a read of the words – they are beautiful!


All in all it was an unforgettable day and they are now Mr. and Mrs. Mozingo!


All glory and praise goes to Jesus who is the reason for all the joy and celebration. As Noah said in his speech at the reception, this wedding was just a foretaste of the great wedding feast one day where the joy will be never ending!


I opened this post talking about a season of joy.  Life has these moments of joy and also has its seasons of sorrow.  May we crown our Lord as King in every season, trusting that he will make everything beautiful in his time.  Here are some of the words from Hannah and Noah’s first dance song:

There is a time for healing and pain
A time for drought and a time for rain
There is a time for everything
Until we crown the risen King… Until we crown the risen King

And I don’t know the end, or tomorrow’s story
But I have found the one who gives me rest
And I will make my bed in His promises
For He holds true when nothing’s left… When nothing’s left

So crown Him in your mourning
And crown Him in your laughter
And crown Him when it all turns dark

Crown Him when you bury
And crown Him when you marry
And crown Him when your faith finds a spark

Crown Him for He’s faithful
And crown Him for He’s worthy
And crown Him for He is good

The beauty that has come
And the beauty yet to come
And the beauty that is yours and that is mine
And that death produces life
And that we are made alive
By the King who paints beauty with time

I will add a part two soon to share some photos of the rest of our USA trip – St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota and North Dakota!