A Mini Move

Peter —  June 8, 2010

We’ve enjoyed a great few days at our friends the Fish’s, and today we head over to another good friend’s house.  Last time we were in the US we had our own place for two months.  This time we’re hopping around between houses.  After it is over we’ll be able to compare and contrast, but it is a blessing to get beyond the first conversation with at least some people on this trip.  Today we’re heading to the coast with Amy and children as well as the grandparents.  Joel and Matthew enjoy playing together and the girls all love hanging out with little Claire.

The bigger move is on the horizon though and we periodically check online to see if any new houses are coming on the market.  We are planning to rent again as buying is out of reach.  Please pray that a suitable house in a good location will come on at the right time and be available for us.