A Joel’s-Eye View

Melanie —  February 11, 2008

All except the first picture can now be enlarged if you click on them.

1.jpg Hey everybody! I’ve got some new photos of my family to share with you. I’ve been a very busy boy lately.

1b.jpg Look what I did while Mommy was rolling out a pie crust in the next room!

1c1.jpg I went back to the cupboard to pull out some more, but I think I got them all! I am so proud of myself.

1d.jpg If you came to our kitchen, you’d see a lot more than me getting into mischief. Here’s Aliyah, helping Mommy cook – one of her favorite things to do.

1e.jpg When she’s not cooking with Mommy, she likes to spend time with me. Did you know Aliyah is five years old now?

2a1.jpg Here she is, all dressed up for her party.

2b.jpg And here is the pink castle cake Mommy made for her – yum!

2c.jpg For the last ten days, Aunt Carol has been staying with us. We’ve had lots of fun with her!

2c2.jpg Hannah even dressed up in Aunt Carol’s clothes, trying to be a teacher!

2e.jpg If she keeps on reading as much as she does, she’s gonna be ready to teach me soon!

2d.jpg We love music in our house. Here’s Hannah, playing her guitar. I keep trying to get my hands on it but nobody lets me try!

3a.jpg Every day we do school in our house. Here’s my littlest big sister, Mariah, “doing school” like her sisters.

3b.jpg Next week, Mariah will be three years old.

3c.jpg Yesterday, we all went across the road to try to take a family picture. I never stopped smiling. Here is the one that came out the best.

3d.jpg Bye bye for now. Thanks for praying for us!