A Bee Funeral

Melanie —  April 3, 2008

Well, there is never a dull moment around here! Today the two older girls went out in the back garden to enjoy the spring weather. They decided to do a “Queen of April” celebration for one of their teddy bears. I was present for the ceremony and got to throw some flower petal confetti and present the “queen” with a little bunch of flowers after she was crowned with a wreath of flowers (all 3 items made by the girls!). Well, in the midst of the festivities, they noticed a big fuzzy bumblebee on the ground that was not moving. I went to investigate. Thinking it was dead, I poked it with a stick and discovered it wasn’t! It didn’t move far, but crawled around a little. We surmised it was probably close to death and the girls got very upset. I even got chatised for not being concerned enough about it! They brought it some flowers to see if it would eat something and revive. I told them I was sorry and that there was nothing more we could do for the bee! (In my head, I thought, am I really having this conversation!) Anyway, it was really cool to see the bee up close. All of God’s creatures are so amazingly created. I went upstairs to rest and read and quite sometime later, 2 little girls came into my room and gave me a note. It read: “Dead is Pashinse and Sam Plealse morun for them. To: Mummy Love, Hannah and Aliyah xxx ooo” It turns out the bee did die and they found another dead bee! They named them Patience and Sam and made a burial site for them. They cut our very long grass with scissors and made a mound of it. Then they put sticks, leaves, etc on top, along with Patience and Sam. Can you hear me laughing as i write this?!! They make me laugh so much. (Of course I couldn’t laugh then cause I was supposed to be mourning!) I got another note handed to me while I was cleaning the kitchen and the kids were finishing dinner. It read, “Mummy, Aliyah has just stood on the table.” Love, Hannah xxx” (I have a new rule that any tattling must be written out in note form.) That one made me laugh too. Hannah wondered what was so funny! I couldn’t really explain why it made me laugh so much. Maybe sometimes its better to laugh than get mad. Definitely better for the stress levels.

The kids and I are doing well, although Mariah is still struggling with a terrible cold and cough. She has been up twice already and I haven’t been to bed yet so please pray for her healing. Peter said he is feeling better but is just extremely tired so please pray for energy for him as he teaches 3 sessions tomorrow. I know he will report when he can. I wasn’t able to speak to him today.