Praise and Prayer Request

Melanie —  January 13, 2013
We have a wonderful answer to prayer to share with you and also a request. First, the good news . . . David and Erin, who have been raising their support to come and join us in the Cor Deo ministry, have received their visas and have been able to buy their plane tickets!  They arrive on the 25th with their 3 children.  We have arranged a house for them to rent which is just a few streets over from us!  Our children are very excited to have some new playmates and we are thrilled about having some new colleagues in ministry. Please pray for them as they spend the next days saying goodbye to friends and packing up to move across the pond.  We understand the mixed emotions they must be feeling, as we did the same thing 8 years ago.  They still are in need of the last bit of monthly support, so we’d also appreciate prayer for God to provide for them.
Now, to our prayer request.  Please pray for Aliyah. She has been unwell for a week now.  I thought she was getting better but she has developed a rash all over her body. I am going to take her to the doctor in the morning.  We’re not sure what is going on and we’re not doctors, but we are suspecting scarlet fever.    I would never have thought of scarlet fever but a family we were with a week or two ago had a son who had it recently, so we looked up the symptoms and they really fit with Aliyah’s symptoms.  If that’s what it is, it’s not serious but she probably will need antibiotics.  I really feel for her as she is just miserable although very uncomplaining and downplaying the whole thing.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctor to know what is wrong and for healing for Aliyah and strength for Peter and I.  It’s been a pretty intense week and we are really exhausted.  Pray that we will stay connected to Christ and trust in Him.  Thank you for praying for us.