Petition you can sign online

Melanie —  November 24, 2009

The petition I am going to present on Saturday to our MP regarding home education is all paper-based.  You can still sign the East Surrey one before Saturday if you contact me before then.  However, there is an online one you can easily sign in about a minute.  Here is the link for it:
Most of you reading this are not home educators, but a very negative bill is due to go through parliament very soon and we are trying to keep the ground that is rightfully ours to parent our children as we see best.  Please could you stand with us and sign this petition and bring the whole thing before the Lord in prayer?  We see this as a start of a slide down a slippery slope of more government control and more loss of Christian freedoms.  Thankfully, we know that God is in control whatever the outcome and yet there is plenty that we can do to make our voices heard and protect the freedoms we have.