Photo Catchup

Melanie —  November 24, 2009

It’s feast or famine with me usually . . . here are a bunch of photos to help you see what our family has been up to in October and November!


Here is a result of a “puzzle fest” hour!


The girls . . . all dressed up for a party.


We are in the middle of Week 10 of our school year.  Lots of learning going on . . .


We managed to get several nature walks in during October before the nasty November weather hit.


One of the big projects recently . . . potty training Joel.


He’s doing great!  The girls have been superb potty training assistants (what do they need mum for anyway?!)


Another big boy step . . . we’ve taken the side off his cot.  Our baby has grown up!


Aliyah with Daisy . . .


And Hannah with Dandy (Dandelion)


Dressing up remains a favorite playtime activity


Doctor Joel!


The girls are loving their swimming lessons.


I put Joel on a time out in his room one day and later found him “reading” his favorite Bible story (Daniel and the lions).  Awww.


My aunt Carol came a few weeks ago and surprised the kids!


The next day we left for Exmoor for a week’s break.  Some gracious friends let us use their lovely house.  This is the view out the back garden.  The girls were thrilled to find horses.


We enjoyed the wildlife on a few drives through the moor. We got very close to a moor pony.


Also saw loads of sheep – and cows too.


All the rain we had that week made for some beautiful rainbows.


The children had lots of fun outside and inside we read, played games, did puzzles and watched movies.


And the big event recently . . . Joel’s 3rd birthday!


He’s been requesting a train cake for about the last 6 months!


Blow them out Joel!  Our family celebrated with a couple from our church and their little boy.


Among other presents, Joel (our music lover) got a drum and a little guitar. Thus, a band quickly formed!  Oh yes, he also got a Roman soldier helmet for his much-loved hat collection.


Happy Birthday, Joel the Builder!

We are currently in Bristol spending some time with Grandma and Grandpa Mead after a great weekend of ministry in the Forest of Dean. (more detailed report to come from Peter, I’m sure).  Tonight Peter will speak at his parents’ church and then we’ll head home tomorrow.  Please pray for Peter as he is quite swamped with a million things to do at the moment!  And pray for me as I finish collecting signatures for the parliamentary petition re homeschooling.  I will present them to our MP on Saturday.  If you are interested in signing the petition which opposes the government’s attempts to take away the rights of parents to be parents, please let me know.  Thanks so much for all your prayers.