In Light of This, Why?

Peter —  November 26, 2009

I have a morning routine, almost a ritual.  The alarm goes off early, I get up, get dressed in a semi-asleep state.  Wake up enough to pick up my laptop with a couple of things balanced on top (usually a couple of books and the powerpack), then I proceed to tiptoe downstairs trying not to wake anyone.  This morning I got up, got dressed, but didn’t have to pick up my laptop.  Thankfully I had moved it downstairs last night.  For some reason the top step was in a different place today and I fell down the stairs.  Not all the way.  Perhaps half-way.  Scraped knee, bumped back, squashed finger and bruised ego.  Most importantly, the kind of bang-bang-bang that someone my size would make while bouncing down the stairs.  I sat still for a moment, evaluating the extent of the damage (nothing broken), and waiting to hear who would be awake.  Nobody.  So in light of this, why?  Why did I move my PC downstairs last night instead of this morning?  And the bigger question – why do I creep through the house every morning?  The pressure is off, tiptoe-ing is a thing of the past!