Film Night

Peter —  January 18, 2008

I should have put this on earlier, but just in case you read this in the next couple of hours.  Tonight is the Oasis book club movie night.  The ladies are downstairs enjoying each other’s food.  (I’m upstairs also enjoying their food, although maybe I can be forgiven since I didn’t eat dinner yet!)  Hannah is having a “sleepover” with Aliyah and Mariah, which they seem to be enjoying at the moment.  Meanwhile the ladies will soon head down the street to watch the film at our friend’s house.  The movie is “At the End of the Spear” – the story of the missionaries to Ecuador told from the perspective of Steve Saint, pilot Nate Saint’s son.  We’re praying that the evening will be a real blessing to all of them, and that the film will also be challenging and helpful.  Melanie and I were both blessed when we saw it in the cinema, it’s only a shame more people didn’t see it.  Anyway, I’m sure Melanie will let you know how tonight went.  Thanks!