Biblical Preaching Seminar

Peter —  January 18, 2008

So here’s the lowdown on this weekend.  Essentially I’ve taken a five day course and reduced it to one day.  That means less material to cover, and the participants don’t get to preach (which is a key part of the longer course).  The benefit is that it is much more accessible to people.  So tomorrow we will go from 9am until 5pm.  At the moment there are 22 participants from about 10 churches across southern England.  We will work through six sessions so that we all participate together in the process of preparing a biblical sermon.  Then on Sunday morning I will preach that sermon in the church.  (Those unable to be there will receive a DVD of Sunday morning.)  I think this is a great experience for people who preach, but have never had the privilege of training in preaching.  I only wish that we could then all take a longer course too.  So please pray for the participants to travel safely, engage well and learn lots.  Please pray for me (again safe travel, it’s about 45 minutes from here), for my teaching to be clear and effective, for good time management, for Saturday night as I do final preparations for Sunday morning (trying to take onboard the good input from the seminar!), for Sunday morning to be effective ministry (it’s not an exercise Sunday morning, it’s real people in a real church and a real opportunity). Thanks for praying for us.  I’ll give you a report after the weekend!