Answered Prayer

Melanie —  January 19, 2008

Last night, Peter prayed that today would be a good day despite the fact that in human terms it looked like it could be a difficult day. I won’t go into details, but the past few days have been difficult for us. We have experienced some unexpected sadness and challenges that have been quite consuming. After the film night, we went to bed very late, with a lot on our minds. (The Oasis film night, by the way went really well! Thanks for praying!) Peter usually has the incredible gift of sleep while I occasionally can’t sleep because of being stressed or over-tired. So, I only got a few hours last night BUT today was great! Right off the bat, a Bible verse came up in my reading that Peter and I had discussed last night. Too much of a coincidence not to be a God thing! Aliyah, who has been struggling lately, was very happy and obedient today. Yay! And I read a few things in a book that really touched and helped me. Also, I had a friend over from Open House (mother and toddler group) who I was able to invite to our church’s Christianity Explored course. We had a good conversation about God that I think will lead to more talks in the future. It seems we are building a good friendship. So, now at the end of the day, I am tired but very thankful at how God cared for me today. We would appreciate your prayers that we would lean on God for all we need at the moment. Peter continues his teaching tomorrow in Guildford. I’m sure he will report soon on how the weekend went!