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Long Overdue Update!

Peter —  October 2, 2017

Well it has been a busy summer, but that is no excuse for not updating this site since July!  The summer has flown by and it looks like the good weather is probably done for the year.  Homeschool is back in full swing.  Actually, we started in mid-August because we want to finish the school year early next summer before a family trip back to the USA!

Seventy of us gathered in the dining room at the weekend away!

This weekend we had a great time at our church weekend away.  It was our fourth and best.  Two or three families couldn’t make it, but the majority of the church were present and the venue was bursting at the seams.  It was such a great atmosphere.  Honestly it felt not only fuller than previously, but the group of people as a whole just somehow felt more mature and together than in the past.  It is a real privilege to be part of Trinity Chippenham.  The older girls were sharing with other teen girls, Melanie stayed at home overnight with Jessah and then joined us during the days.  I (Peter) shared with Kaylah, Joel, and a good friend with his daughter and son.  It was so cute to see the little ones playing together, and praying together at night.

Sunday morning Kaylah and her friend Lumiana told me that Kaylah had cried on Saturday evening while I was watching the movie with everyone else.  Kaylah told me, “we almost came outside in the rain to get you, but then we prayed together and I was alright.”  So cute.

Today I am going over to Bristol to cover for a good friend who is launching a new Union School of Theology hub there.  While I am not officially involved in this learning hub, I am happy to help, not least because two friends from Trinity Chippenham are studying in it.  I lecture at Union and was on campus for a day of teaching last week, so it is great to see this ministry spreading and growing.

This coming weekend I will be up in Wrexham speaking at the North Wales Men’s Convention.  I’d appreciate prayer for that as I will be speaking twice to the whole group.  Then it is back to Chippenham so that I can continue our Reformation 500 series at Trinity on Sunday.

Kaylah with her friends enjoying a hot chocolate by the camp fire

A successful family-friendly praise and prayer session at the Trinity Chippenham weekend away!


A June to Remember

Melanie —  July 8, 2017

The month of July has come now and we Meads are enjoying being finished with our schooling! The weather has been wonderful so we’ve been enjoying bike riding, roller blading, picnics and a few outings.  We’re looking forward to some fun times with friends this summer, as well as doing what we can to serve others as a family with the extra time we have.  Peter has been travelling quite a bit this past month so we’re looking forward to having him around a bit more too.

On 4th of July, Aliyah made a special cake and the kids dressed up in their Chicago Cubs shirts (red, white and blue!) to celebrate. We brought the cake to share with our homeschool group friends at our Sports Day in Bristol which was so much fun!

But really, I want to share some photos from June.  It was a special month!  To start with, I had a grand surprise when I walked into church one Sunday afternoon just before my birthday!  It was pretty funny as I was not at all early to church (i.e. nearly late!) and the very friendly guy on the door kind of “hurried” me inside. (Hmmm. . . he’s never done that before, I thought).  As I entered the room, Mariah asked me with a big grin if I’d like to “get ready” for church (not sure what that meant!!).  Then a friend who knows well that I don’t drink coffee, asked me if I’d like to go get some coffee from the refreshments table! I said, “Well, I’ll get some water,” and turned towards the table, only to find  . . . MY SISTER (from America) standing there!!! Oh, my goodness!!  I was completely shocked.  What a wonderful surprise! I kind of felt like the whole ten days she was here with my nephew was a dream.  But an amazing one!


This was taken just after the surprise at church! I love you so much Amy!

So after that, I thought I’d had my birthday surprise! (Yup, it was a big one – the big 40!) The next day was our anniversary (day before my birthday) so Peter and I were planning on going out to dinner.  Well, after what seemed a LONG drive around the countryside, we finally go to the restaurant.  I thought something might be up, but I was not prepared to see a large number of ladies from church all there and shouting surprise and happy birthday! Peter excused himself after taking the photo below. 🙂 Oh, my goodness, another shock!

Here I am with my lovely sisters in Christ at my surprise birthday meal. Thank you all – you are such a blessing!

The next day was my birthday.  We had an amazing day out at Bowood House – a beautiful place with an adventure playground, lake, house and gardens, waterfall and caves.  We are blessed to have passes, thanks to my Aunt Carol!


It was so special to have Amy and Matthew there too!


We enjoyed a picnic together. . . (excuse the funny expression captured on Peter’s face – ha!)


It was adorable watching Jessah eat her lunch on the bench with Peter.


This girl is so full of fun! (She’s also starting to grow a little fro!)


Matthew and Joel had a fantastic time together doing all things BOY!


Here are Aliyah and Hannah at the waterfall.


And Amy and I in the gardens.


And our whole family . . . I truly believe I have the best family in the world.


Peter had one more birthday surprise for me – a jar full of memories/notes of appreciation from him, the children and some of my friends and extended family. I laughed and cried my way through reading them. What an amazing and precious gift to treasure!

So turning 40 was actually a really nice experience!  Getting older is a funny thing . . . while we were away on holiday in the spring, I did some processing with Peter about the whole idea of getting older and the emotions that come with it.  There is a certain wistfulness that comes when you look back and realise that your youth is gone and so many good memories are now in the past.  However, I know that God is the author of the past and the future and my times are in His hands – well, my whole self is in His hands! The verse that I was pondering last year when Peter turned 40 has meant a lot to me . . . “Therefore, we do not lose heart.  Though outwardly, we are wasting away, inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” 2 Corinthians 4:18.  With Jesus, we know the best is yet to come.

So here are a few more photos of our time with Amy and Matthew.  What a gift those ten days were!

We drove to London one day, parked in the outskirts and took the tube into the centre. Here we are having a picnic in St. James’ Park! We were enjoying it so much, we lost track of time and realised we needed to get moving to the Westminster area and catch the boat we had booked!


Amy and the kids outside Buckingham Palace.


The Meadlings with Buckingham Palace in the background!


Trafalgar Square lions! We even managed a few minutes in the National Gallery after this photo was taken.


The boat ride on the Thames was a great way to see the sights – nice and cool too, as it was a hot day! It was a very memorable day out.


Another day we took a walk in the woods above the nearby village of Castle Coombe.


The kids absolutely loved being in the woods, digging for wild garlic (we realised after we got home that it’s the leaves, not the bulbs that you eat – oops!) and playing army, in the case of Joel and Matthew.


It was another hot day so the children spent a lot of time in the stream.


They found a dead crayfish and proceeded to make a memorial for him. (That’s the crayfish on the rock in the middle! He was promptly dubbed Lecrae after an American Christian hiphop artist – hilarious!)


Thanks so much for coming Amy and Matthew!  And thank you to everyone who helped to make my birthday special.

Peter has just returned from a few days in Ireland, helping teach at the Impact Ireland outreach training.  Hannah went with him and will be staying there until the 18th as she is participating in the outreach.  I know she would value your prayers.  Peter is will be preaching tomorrow in our series at Trinity called, Dear Church, on the seven letters in Revelation.  Here is a link if you are interested in listening to any of the messages.

Happy Summer! May God refresh and bless you over the next weeks.











May Update

Melanie —  May 2, 2016


Sweet Jessah at six months

April showers bring May flowers?? . . . Today is the 2nd of May and so far we have showers! However, we hear some warmer weather is coming this week. And actually our April showers were actually mixed in with some nicer sunny days too.

The kids take every opportunity to be outside. Here they are doing some schoolwork.

We even got to have our first picnic a couple weeks ago.

It’s a bank holiday here and Peter has taken the kids out bowling this afternoon. (Teacher mum made them do school this morning as we have some plans later this week that will take us away from our studies!)  This has given me some time to sit and catch up on some paperwork type stuff and enjoy a little quiet in the house while Jessah naps. Our house is usually very noisy and busy and I am grateful for all the people who make it that way!

The Meadlings love to bake – it was jam tarts this time.

Our little Jessah is six months old and continuing to steal our hearts every day. She tried her first solid food today (banana) and this was her reaction:


Having a baby in the house is a lot of work. But the effort pales in comparison to the joy she brings to all of us. Babies have such a special way of bringing laughter and life and hope to a household. No one resents her presence or having to do life a little differently because she is in our family. I love to watch the older kids with her, just loving on her. It’s amazing the way a baby stirs up love in everyone’s hearts. Babies are love multipliers!


One of the sweetest times of the day is when I feed her at night and she drops off to sleep in my arms.  The months are speeding by and I know she won’t be little forever.  So I am trying to cherish the moments.  Even though we’ve had six babies over the years, every one is such a precious and unique gift. In a world where unborn human lives are often destroyed and also where many people’s longings for a baby are never fulfilled, we cherish and treasure the lives God has entrusted into our family. And we realize we are incredibly blessed. Here are some photo memories from the past few weeks.

We went out to lunch for his birthday with his parents and then had a takeaway with friends in the evening. Little did he know that he had a surprise party coming that weekend! (Sorry I do not have any photos of that yet)

We love Peter so much and thank God for his life.

He has such a special bond with the kids and I am so grateful for the time he spends with them and the love he shows them.


Where have the years gone? We are not as young as we used to be but we are still in love with each other!

Some family prayer requests:


We have noticed that Kaylah has been having hearing problems. She has a test on the 25th of May. Please pray we can figure out what the problem is and get help for her.


Please pray for health for Peter as he has been constantly getting viruses for the past few months. This is discouraging for him and has made it harder to keep up with all his ministry responsibilities.


Please would you pray for me (Melanie) to have God’s wisdom to run the race of life as a marathon, not a sprint! I have a tendency to run too hard and then crash physically. I need to pace myself a little better and have wisdom to keep all the important plates spinning and leave the rest. Thankfully, my migraines have been a little better recently but I still would appreciate prayer that I could avoid having them.


Please would you pray for the Meadlings as they finish off their school year (they have about 7 weeks to go to finish their main schooling subjects.) Pray for diligence and for God to keep working in their hearts. We had George Verwer speak at our church yesterday and I think it’s fair to say the older kids were all inspired in one way or another. We’d love to see them catch a vision for serving God in missions.


Thanks so much for praying for us.  We should put an email update together soon so you can have update on what is going on ministry wise for us.  As always, please let us know how we can pray for you and your family!