Why Not Ask?

Peter —  May 6, 2009

We enjoyed an interesting discussion at breakfast today.  If Jesus is preparing a place for us, does that mean we’ll have our own room?  If we will, then I hope mine will be . . . (fill in the blank – blue for Hannah, purple for Aliyah, a certain kind of curtains for Hannah, a certain kind of furniture for Aliyah).  Well then, if you have preferences, why not ask?  I wonder how different our lives would be if we really lived in anticipation of what is to come.  While decoration of the room seems more important to my little ladies than it does to me, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a lot of personal loving attention has gone into our lodgings when we arrive. Wouldn’t that be like a God who loves us individually and infinitely?

What is it about what is to come that will stir not only my prayers, but also my living in these days?  I strongly reject the common myth that awareness of the future makes us irrelevant and uncaring toward the world around us today.  Seems like people perpetuate that idea because they aren’t gripped by all that God has promised for the future.  Anyway, none of that anti-future stuff in this house.  I’m very encouraged if my girls are making requests about the room Jesus is preparing for them.  I’ll be even more encouraged as that future motivation shifts from colour of paint to other aspects of a lasting eternal legacy from this life.  Who was it that said only two days matter – that day, and today (and we live one in light of the other)?