Update on my Dad

Melanie —  May 2, 2009

Thank you for praying for my dad.  Thankfully, things don’t seem as serious as we thought at first.  They have seen that the bleeding in the head is not getting any worse.  So that is good.  He is also very mentally alert and has been able to eat and get up and everything.  He does have an ongoing headache which is understandable!  The latest is that they have found he has a fractured skull in the back of his head.  So they are going to be doing some more testing to make sure that his carotid artery is not affected.  They will probably keep him in the hosptial until Monday or Tuesday.  I know this is probably a disappointment to him since they told him yesterday afternoon that he might be able to go home today.  So, you can keep praying for wisdom for the doctors, protection for his head, patience for him (he’s not the type to “stay down” for long) and the ability to sleep.  I am feeling pretty calm at the moment so thank you for praying for that.  I know it’s making a difference.  We had a nice day as a family doing some planting in our garden – flowers and vegetables.  We are the world’s most novice gardeners so we’ll see what we end up harvesting!  Some very kind friends gave us a lovely strawberry plant too which the girls are really excited about.  I will keep updating about how my Dad is doing.  Something that I have heard my dad say quite a bit is, “A person is immortal until his work on earth is finished.”  It looks like God has some more work for him to do . . . we hope and pray for many more good years for him to serve Jesus.