We’re Still Alive!

Peter —  July 25, 2008

Sorry for the internet silence in recent days. No real reason other than busy-ness of life as we settle back in. Mariah has given us some laughs recently. Yesterday Melanie was chatting with the older two about the subject of “eloping” (Hannah asked!) After a while and some good explanation of why it isn’t a good idea they both stated that they don’t want to elope (good news). Mariah, floating around and wanting to be involved in the conversation then announced, “I don’t want to go to jail!” This is all good news for us as parents. The other day I took Mariah and Joel for a walk and Mariah noticed the graffiti on a fence. “Daddy look! Somebody coloured on the fence. They should do that in their colouring books!” Anyway, we are well and enjoying the weather (at least the children are enjoying the time in the backyard). I speak on Sunday, then a seminar on Tuesday and then a weekend event the following weekend . . . busy days. I’ll just updated the schedule.