We’re Back

Peter —  June 25, 2010

Just a quick note to say we are safely back.  We left Melanie’s parents’ at 7am and got here at noon on Friday (which doesn’t feel like Friday, of course!)  On the flight Joel and Hannah got a decent half night of sleep, Aliyah and Mommy got less, Mariah got almost none and Daddy enjoyed being able to plug his computer in and get a good chunk of work done (with children sleeping against each arm!)  We all slept for two hours after we got home, fought the insane idea of getting up and now are continuing to unpack.  If you see any of us in the next few hours and we seem like zombies (or if the children are crying), you’ll understand!  Can’t wait for sleep again tonight . . . and to see friends here in the next few days.  Thanks for praying for our journey.