Bags Packed

Peter —  June 23, 2010

Yesterday we packed at the house in Sunriver to move back to Forest Grove where we packed to head back to Hillsboro where we are now packed to head back to Caterham (where we’ll pack to head to Chippenham).  When we came our bags were well under the limit, but now they are all on the limit (and we have to take one extra).  We leave here at 7am tomorrow morning, flying via Houston and arriving in London at 9:25am on Friday.  Please pray for the children to travel well and for us all to remain well (in the airborne germ recycling cylinders).  We’ve been so blessed on this trip, but we’re very ready to see England again.  It is always sad to say goodbye to family and friends here, especially when we don’t know when we’ll be able to visit again.  Anyway, if you missed the photos Melanie put on yesterday, please take a look on