Weekend Review

Peter —  November 7, 2011

So two days in Birmingham with the OM team . . . this went well.  It was great to meet the folks and see who is involved in the ministry there.  29 nations represented, so a typical OM setting.  We looked at the nature of the gospel and the trinity, before moving into a discussion of conflict resolution in light of our being made in God’s image (i.e.as relaters rather than “individuals” in the traditional sense our culture has imbibed).  We finished with a look at the possibilities of unity as an overflow of who God is, rather than as a pragmatic necessity and got into some of the practical issues that will help that.  It was a meaty couple of days, but hopefully helpful.

Peter with Cor Deo grad Jonathan (& Rosie!)

On Saturday I took a friend with me up to Cinderford where we had a great group of folks together to look at reading Biblical narrative effectively.  Again we delighted in the gospel together as we pondered a couple of passages, then enjoyed lunch and a good Q&A session.  It was so encouraging to be with so many friends in this setting.  We drove back and returned just in time for me to enjoy a little favourite activity of mine – lighting fireworks for the church display.  That went well and we all survived!

Sunday I was back up in Cinderford again, this time with the children, and I got to preach on Hebrews 13.  After a good lunch together as a church, we headed over to Newent for another meeting where I got to preach from Philippians 2.  By the end of the day the children were tired, but we made it home safely and I have to say they did great being away from home for a day with me busy and Mum missing.  I really enjoyed the conversation with Aliyah on the return journey too.

Most of the Meads at Cinderford

Then this morning I got to spend a couple of hours with a good friend doing some church history reading in anticipation of next year’s Cor Deo.

There was more involved in the weekend, but this is a summary and we’re thankful that the ministry seems to have gone well overall.  It really is a privilege to be involved in this kind of work!  Now into the week ahead.  Just one prayer request:

* This Thursday I am preaching at a missions event for students in Birmingham.  Please pray for lives to be stirred in that gathering for the sake of a desperate world!