Wednesday night update

Melanie —  April 27, 2011

Peter and Mark have arrived safely at their destination.  I have had a few texts from Peter (though the last one did not come through fully) and he seems to be doing well.  Please keep praying for strength and good health so he can teach effectively and really be used in a powerful way this week.  I hope to add a longer post soon (with photos of our new baby bunny!) but wanted to ask for special prayer tonight.  My migraines seem to come in groups and I seem to be in the middle of a bad patch.  I had one on Friday which threatened to come back Saturday.  Then went down with a nasty one yesterday.  We had a friend staying with us so she was able to help out as I was in bed all day.  That was a blessing.  I’ve felt better today although wiped out, but now I seem to be developing another one. I would really appreciate prayer that it would not develop tonight or tomorrow.  I am planning on taking some aspirin and going to sleep now.  I am feeling a bit discouraged.  Here is my verse from Psalm 63 that I like to meditate on: “My soul clings to you. Your right hand upholds me.”  I am thankful for great kids and a warm, safe house and a faithful God.  If I am feeling well tomorrow, I will post some new pictures and a better update.  Thanks for praying.