Wedding Day

Melanie —  April 29, 2011

Well, today was a big day in Britain.  Everyone enjoyed an extra Bank Holiday as the whole nation watched William and Catherine get married.  The children and I went to Peter’s parents and were glued to the coverage for several hours.  Joel was just as interested or more interested even than the girls!  Tonight he said how impressed he was with the pageboys outfits that made them “look like soldiers!”  He is going to be a pageboy in a wedding in a few weeks, so I think it was wishful thinking. 🙂 As soon as we got home he dressed up as a soldier complete with lance, to imitate those he saw guarding the royal couple and the Queen (photos to come soon!)  He insisted on wearing his outfit to the neighbourhood party we went to this afternoon.  It was great to get to know some more neighbours and I even got a chance to share a bit about my relationship with Christ with 2 of them.  The children also really connected well with the other children around.  Pray that our family would shine brightly for Christ in this neighbourhood.

The wedding was so beautiful – music, regalia, dress, horses and carriages.  I can’t help but think about the fact that all good and beautiful things come down from the Father of heavenly lights.  The fact that anyone enjoyed any beauty today is because the Author of Beauty exists and has created all things. And, despite the growing secularism in this country, the service was a reminder that at least in name, Britain is a very “Christian” nation.  The Bible reading was powerful – simply because it was the Bible, God’s amazing, holy Word.  Humans have never been able to come up with words that equal its power and grace.  The explanations of the institution of marriage and God’s reasons for it were clear and simple.  The music was beautiful and some of it was filled with Scripture or entirely Scripture, such as the gorgeous piece that had been specially commissioned for the day which was straight from several Psalms.  The country was captivated.  And I am sure that part of the attraction has something to do with the beauty and power of marriage.  Even though so many are jettisoning the institution, people are still drawn to God’s beautiful invention of commitment between one  man and one woman for life.  I am sure that everyone is hoping that this time, this royal couple will beat the odds and love will last.  Even though so many champion “freedom” and are abandoning morality, deep down, I think everyone longs for love that will never give up.  We had a lady in our home recently who noticed several plaques and photos around that had to do with love and marriage.  One of them was a framed copy of our wedding vows with a photo of us imposed behind it.  She was really touched and seemed almost puzzled by the vows.  You could almost see the longing in her face as she told me about her broken marriage and latest broken relationship.  She said, “What you have is so rare.”  She is right.  Tonight I am grateful for marriage and for my amazing husband who is committed to me for life, no matter what.  May Christian marriage and God’s never-giving-up love shine brightly in this nation and around the world, attracting many people to the Saviour.  Only one more sleep now and then my prince will be back home.  🙂  And someday, our Heavenly Prince will come to claim His Bride.  May He find us pure, waiting eagerly for Him.