The Weekend – Now Busier

Peter —  March 7, 2008

This weekend now has an extra meeting.  Appreciate your prayers for the next two days.  On Sunday I am at Grange Baptist Church in Letchworth (just north of London).  They are, I believe, between pastors at present.  So that is a morning and evening service.  I’ll be going alone on this occasion.  I received a call yesterday from a friend to ask if I could help his church on Saturday evening.  Once a month they have a meeting that is open to all the churches of the community.  The speaker had to back out and so I’ve stepped in.  It is in west London, roughly an hour’s drive from here.  Thanks for praying for all three of these meetings to be eternally effective.

Incidentally, I just looked up Caterham on Wikipedia – quite interesting.  Who’d have thought that this small town would have such a history?  An IRA bomb 200 yards down the road from our house and the world’s first by-pass (not the surgery type).  Then there is Kenley just down the road – loads of military history.  Interesting!