That’s Almost a First!

Peter —  September 13, 2010

I just booked my flights to Sri Lanka for next month.  I’m going to teach a masters course in preaching Biblical narratives.  In the past whenever we’ve used frequent flyer miles we’ve ended up having to pay a significant amount in taxes, or not been able to get the dates we need.  This time I was able to save over £400 and get the dates I wanted.  What a perfectly timed blessing!  So I’ll get my first layover in Singapore, which is the farthest east I have travelled to date.  What a blessing.

Meanwhile, as I’ve been setting up our computer here at home, I decided to open a DropBox account.  This enables us to access key files from wherever we are, but also to share files (i.e. pictures) with family and friends without having to email batches of pics.  If you would find the same service useful, it is free to sign up and you get a 2Gb limit.  If you use this referral link, both you and I get an extra 250Mb . . . click here if you want DropBox.