Melanie —  September 18, 2010

In our study of early British history/pre-history this week, we got to talk about Stonehenge.   Archeologists think  pre-historic people started building it around 3200 BC and then it was rebuilt, added onto, etc. until 1800 BC.  That makes it VERY old!  We were pleased to find that Stonehenge is located right here in our new home county of Wiltshire.  Sooo, we got to take a pretty cool field trip yesterday to go see it.  On the way, we stopped at Silbury Hill which was also built by “pre-historic” people.  It’s so huge that people estimate that it would’ve taken 500 men over 10 years working non-stop to build it.  When we left, we drove by and looked back to see a large number of sheep grazing on the side of it!

Here is a view of Silbury Hill from a distance

And a close-up view

Then it was on to Stonehenge . . . it was an absolutely beautiful day – big fluffy white clouds, blue sky and sunshine.  We drove through some gorgoeus little villages with thatched cottages, winding rivers and green, green grass.  We decided we live in a very beautiful area!  We’ve been studying the map of Wiltshire this week so we had fun seeing the little towns that we’d seen on the map.  Anyway, we finally arrived at Stonehenge and took an audio tour as we walked around it.  It was quite windy there on the Salisbury Plain as you can see from Joel’s hair in the first photo!

The good weather is continuing so the kids have been riding their bikes outside.  They have made a new friend – a boy called Andrew – and he is here now playing inside with Hannah and Joel.  Aliyah and Mariah are in the backyard playing with the rabbits, with another little girl from the neighbourhood.  Here is a photo of Dandy (grey) and Sandy getting to know each other from a distance.  When Sandy is old enough to breed with we hope to get some babies from their blossoming romance! 🙂

Getting to Know You . . .

The mound of dirty dishes in the kitchen is calling me . . . 🙂