Sweet Smiles

Melanie —  March 12, 2012

We’ve been working hard to capture Kaylah’s smiles on camera . . . I got this one this morning!  Here are a few more from the past weeks . . .

I can hardly believe Kaylah is nearly 6 weeks old now!  She continues to be a pretty relaxed baby most of the time (as I speak, she is crying upstairs – Daddy is taking care of her while I write!) and is starting to sleep in a little bit longer stretches at night.  Having said that, I still feel in that foggy state of tiredness much of the time, but I know from experience that eventually, I will get to sleep normally again someday! Please pray for me, as I adjust to life with a newborn again.  Pray that I’ll have wisdom to know how to spend each day and that I will keep a peaceful and joyful heart, even when tired.  Life can feel overwhelming some moments.  I remember feeling this way after having each of the children.  But God gives strength and soon life settles down into a comfortable rhythm.  We have so much to be thankful for.

We had a Cor Deo reunion weekend this past weekend which was wonderful.  It was great to see many of the guys from last year and the current Cor Deo guys, plus some of the wives.  Peter and I are very encouraged to see how God is working in their lives.

Peter is currently very busy, preparing notes for a conference in May and starting to prepare sermons for the next few months, in addition to his normal preparation for Cor Deo.  He will be preaching almost every Sunday at our church for the next month or two.  So pray for stamina for him and effective use of time and also pray for our relationship to be strong and for us to be close as a couple.  I really want to be a support for him during this busy season.

Lastly, here are a few more photos from the past few weeks.  This mummy had a hard time choosing which ones to post so you get to see quite a few this time:

Mariah loves her baby sister


More cuddles . . .

And here's Kaylah with sister #2

And sister #1

This was our first walk/bike ride outside with Kaylah

I'm not sure Kaylah even knew she went for a walk!

Birthday season officially came to an end with Hannah's 11th birthday on March 2nd.

She designed and decorated her cake - a snow scene with a horse stable, complete with marzipan snowballs and snowman.

Dressing up with friends, Little House on the Prairie style . . . hang on, the Roman soldier is about to arrest them all!

The girls and Joel decided to crown Kaylah, "The Queen of Fishes!"

Couldn't resist posting this one!

One last one of sweet Kaylah . . . basking in the sunlight