Present Ponderings and Plans

Peter —  April 9, 2009

I thought I’d share a post that is a little bit “behind the scenes.”  We’re still in Italy combining ministry with normal work and school and spending some time with friends too.  Naturally the main thing on the agenda is the coming weekend (3 messages).  But I’ve also been putting in time for the following week (translators notes for the central asia trip).  Then there are plans for further ahead as well.  I tend to put up a schedule and refer to one thing at a time, but in reality I have to spend some time praying, emailing, thinking, etc. about things in the future.

Here are a few of the things I’ve been pondering this week, in no particular order.  Why haven’t I heard from a certain ministry institution – perhaps there’ll be something in the post when we get home?  Will I hear from the publishers that have my book proposal in the post too?  I just emailed about an article I submitted to a journal, but haven’t heard back yet.  Was reading a good article on mentoring and thinking about future possibilities.  Read half a book for men on ways to ruin your life (excellent, and a free download).  Melanie has been reading a book on birth order and how to parent first-borns, middle-children, last-borns, etc., which we’ve discussed together a little (parenting conversations are never far apart).  Need to find answers to a tax question when I get home.  Need to submit a title for a presentation I’ll be making to a gathering of “homileticians” (preaching teachers).  Trying to decide whether to present on the preacher and mentoring, or a theological understanding of preaching in light of the Trinity, or a study on promoting a hopeful community by the preacher to the Hebrews, or a presentation on promoting a biblically literate community through preaching (do I go practical, theological, biblical, or re-work my doctoral writing)?  My possible trip to Nigeria in July has been postponed until Oct/Nov, which is fine, but I can’t confirm dates until I hear back from that aforementioned institution.  I’ve lined up a meeting for May of 2010 and should start putting other meetings in around that one in that location, but need to hear from that institution before I finalise plans for next summer.  I am starting to line up a combo trip for next February, trying to kill three or four birds with one plane ticket.  I’m emailing a friend on the mission field who is contemplating further education (never a hassle to share the bit of experience I have in that arena and encourage a brother in his studies).  I could go on.  In fact, I haven’t even mentioned the main future idea that has been most central in our prayers recently.  Hopefully that gives an insight into the behind the scenes activity that goes on in this kind of ministry.

If you want to pray about anything listed above, thank you, we appreciate it!