Peter —  April 6, 2009

I just realized that people may be wondering about us and the earthquake here in Italy.  It was a good 350 miles away from us, so naturally we weren’t affected at all.  However, it is a big situation.  Please pray for families, rescuers, etc.  Pray that through it all people would lift their eyes and look to the One who can give true hope (and pray that they will have some way of knowing about Him – the church is not exactly strong in this part of the world).

We had a good, but long day yesterday.  The messages went well, Melanie survived with the children, we made it on time in the morning (just over 2 hour drive).  We came home a more direct way (it took more than 4 hours – although that did include two or three humourous roadside potty stops and an ice cream at Albertini’s – quite likely the best Ice Cream in the world (incidentally, we were served by the lady that has been serving there for decades, but she only looks about 40 – how does that work?)