Phun Phebruary Photos

Melanie —  March 16, 2010

OK, so we don’t have to take alliteration so far. 🙂  The girls had fun yesterday thinking up tongue twisters to demonstrate alliteration.  Who says school has to be boring?  Today we have some more fun of a different variety.  Our homeschool club is joining with another homeschool group for a sports club which will be held every other week in a park not too far away.  The weather is cooperating nicely and our sunshine continues.  (Quick, soak up the vitamin D while we can!)  The children were highly pleased (that is an understatement) to see the funfair arriving yesterday at the common across the street.  So far, they are not setting up for business but you can be sure Joel-the-hawk-eye Mead will let us know the moment they open.  Oh, the torture of waiting when you are 3! Just to get in the spirit, the girls set up their own fun-fair in the back garden yesterday complete with games to play, refreshments and music.

To give a little taste of homelife . . . we have currently starting reading a Bible that was given to us as a gift -The Jesus Bible Storybook.  So far, we are really enjoying it.  We are memorizing Romans 12:9-21 at the moment too – quite the bunch of convicting verses.  In other subjects – we are winding our way through the 17th and 18th centuries in our walk through world history, Hannah is learning her times tables and trying to master cursive handwriting.  Aliyah is working on subtraction with borrowing.  Mariah is coming on really well with her reading and is starting to sound out words she sees on signs, etc.  Hard to capture in a nutshell all the goings on at the Mead house, but that was a feeble try!

Finally, here are some photos from the birthdays last month.


Aliyah’s 7th birthday was the first one in birthday season.  Here she is with her new American Girl doll, Kit – a special present from Aunt Carol.


A week later Hannah and Aliyah had a joint birthday party with some of their friends.  Peter and I took 6 girls to the science museum which was a lot of fun.


I got away with making a joint cake for them this year too!


I can’t believe I have a child nearly into double digits – makes me feel old!


The very next day, we celebrated Mariah’s 5th birthday with our good friends, the James family, who are soon to move away. 🙁


Mariah has been playing with a stuffed rabbit lately, so when she asked me to surprise her with her birthday cake, I decided to do a rabbit.


A few days later, Peter’s parents came to visit and we did one more small joint birthday celebration, this time with blueberry muffins (I had reached my quota of cakes made!).


Grandpa and Grandma gave Mariah a princess outfit.


By the time Hannah’s real birthdate came around (2nd March), we had already done our main celebrating.  But we got to meet some new friends in a very nice park.  Hannah picked out a picnic spot for us in the forest and the children ended up eating their lunch in a tree!  (A fitting birthday treat for Hannah, our outdoorsy girl.)


Poor Joel enjoyed all the birthday festivities (even making it up a tree for lunch) but was left wondering when HIS birthday will ever come.  Sorry Joel, not til November!


Birthday celebrations weren’t the only fun we had last month.  We had a friend come visit us while on her way to India to do mission work.  Her plane arrived at the same time that Peter’s did when he came back from Portland.  When we got home, jet-lagged though she and Peter were, they spent a long time playing worship songs on their guitars with Hannah while the rest of us sang (Joel using his fake guitar and microphone) and Mariah chimed in on her new glockenspiel.  What a blessing to be a part of the body of Christ!