Long Overdue Update

Peter —  November 26, 2010

Sorry for the silence on here.  Things are well here and lots to be thankful for (little US Thanksgiving reference there).  This weekend we are visiting a friend’s farm tomorrow afternoon, I’m taking Melanie out on a date in the evening (can’t tell you where because she doesn’t know yet).  Then Sunday I am speaking at Alma Church in Bristol.

This week, as well as getting a decent amount of work done, I’ve also participated in the very British obsession of home extension and DIY (do-it-yourself is a recognised and charted obsession among English people . . . in Chippenham we have four megastore sized monster shops from the various DIY chains, not to mention the smaller traditional hardware stores too!  Incidentally, by way of contrast, in this English town I’ve only seen 1 fish and chip shop with my own eyes, although I hear there are more hidden around town.)  Anyway, all that to say that I’m just putting the finishing touches on a little DIY project this afternoon . . . sort of a floorplan conversion and the building of an extra bedroom.  Not bad for someone so rubbish at DIY.  Hopefully the rabbit will enjoy her new bedroom.