Birthday Boy

Melanie —  November 26, 2010

Our little boy is four years old!  We can’t believe it really . . . where have all those years gone?  He is a delight to our family and brings us much joy and laughter.  The latest “funny” was recently when we were saying Psalm 8 at bedtime.  When I had finished he asked, “Mom, what about those beans?  Are they baked beans?”  He was referring to the line in the psalm that says, You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings. I explained the difference between beings and beans after a hearty chuckle! 🙂  Anyway, here are some birthday photos for you.  May He grow up to be a godly man who loves Jesus with all his heart.

Hannah made cupcakes . . . the younger three hanging around for a spoon to lick!

Joel requested hot cross buns and raisins in boxes for his birthday breakfast.

Joel was born at 10:18 am on 18 November . . . so we waited til that moment, had a family cuddle and gave a great cheer when Joel officially turned four!

Grandpa and Grandma Mead came over for a birthday lunch. Here is Joel enjoying his present from them. This boy LOVES drums!

Joel had been talking about having a wagon for his birthday and he got one as a combined gift from several family members, including his big sisters who chipped in to pay for it! It has been the source of a lot of fun so far and there's much more fun to come from it I'm sure. (the cover is removable) Joel is wearing a birthday card/hat from his US grandparents.

A couple days later, we had a visit from some good friends from Oakhall (our former church). We had another little party with a fire engine theme. Here is Daddy starting to work on the fire engine cake.

Here is the finished product. Peter did a great job! The girls added the playmobil.

But all firemen need a healthy meal before eating cake . . . it's jacket pototes for dinner.

Potato devoured (sort of!) and on to the important part - the cake! Look at the "wow!" in his eyes. I love that look. Joel's good friend, Nathan, is sharing the moment.

Let the party roll on . . . this is Aliyah "Stegasaurus" Mead

Not to be left out . . . .Lucy, the littlest party girl (Nathan's sister)

Lucy spent most of her waking moments in the arms of various Mead girls. We had a great time with the whole family. They are a blessing to us and we were so glad they came to visit.

All in all, Joel had a great birthday weekend.  We thank God for giving us a little boy to raise for Him.