Home Again

Peter —  March 3, 2009

Sunday went really well.  Two meetings in the morning at Sun Valley Bible Chapel, then after lunch and a quick nap, I was collected by some college-age guys from Fairhaven.  We enjoyed a meal together, then headed to Fairhaven where I opened up the meeting with a devotional, then closed with a report.  Was then taken to the airport for my late flight back to Portland.  Got to my parked car, arriving back at the in-laws by midnight.  Finished packing in the morning, then Aliyah and I were dropped off at the airport again.  Flew to Atlanta without incident, had a relaxed layover there (and a date together in a restaurant to finish off our week “together” – truth is she and I spent very little time together on this trip, apart from travel).  Then we flew on what might be the oldest 767 still in service, back to London.  She slept four or five hours, I think I got a couple of hours in there.  It was a fairly bumpy flight and the bounciest landing I can remember, but we made it safely.  Our bags and boxes came through without problem, didn’t have to pay any customs on the school supplies we brought back (next years’ curriculum, books, etc.).  Our friend John arrived at just the right moment and 45 minutes later we were home.  There you have it.  A good trip on lots of levels.  But it’s great to be back with Melanie and the rest of the children.  Thanks for praying for us.