Angelic Protection?

Peter —  March 5, 2009

Hannah and I (Peter) were driving along the motorway this evening.  As we passed a big truck something flicked up in front of us like a piece of cardboard.  It wasn’t.  It was a piece of metal roughly 2 feet by 1.5 feet.  It hit the front of the car, scraped up the bonnet (hood) and then bounced over the top.  When I stopped to survey the damage I realized how close we were to real trouble.  The front grill is smashed, the bonnet is well marked and there is a deep scratch about 8 inches long right up by the windshield.  If it hadn’t dug in to the paint and flipped up at that point, it would have been a 70mph piece of metal coming straight toward me, sharp side first.  Obviously it’s annoying to have damage to the car (I would have preferred that to happen to the old car I traded in last year), but I’m thankful that it jumped over the windshield rather than through it.  How often are we all protected and don’t even know it?