Creation Museum

Peter —  May 20, 2010

Several people have asked about the Creation Museum.  We had a fantastic visit!  We left on Sunday afternoon and drove the five hours down to the Indiana/Kentucky border.  We went in to the museum all day Monday, then returned on Tuesday, before heading back Tuesday evening.

They advise visitors to plan on visiting for two days, and they are right – you need two days!  The children loved the museum (although Joel was a little concerned by one of the video presentations with special effects that were more than he could fathom).  Melanie and I both were struck by how professional the whole operation is (as opposed to the amateurish way Christian things can sometimes be, if you know what I mean?)

In two days we went through the walk-through twice (focusing on the first eleven chapters of Genesis and related matters – Creation, Corruption, the fruit of rejecting God’s Word in society, Noah’s ark, the spread and effects of a worldwide flood, how canyons are formed, the cross-continental layering of rocks, how fossils are formed, how presuppositions influence conclusions in interpreting evidence, what is the evidence for evolution, the dinosaurs – when did they live, what happened to them – the confusing of languages at Babel, where different races came from, etc.)

We also enjoyed multiple shows – a humorous video about faith in evolution, a video about dragon legends and dinosaurs, another about the six days of creation, a powerful presentation of Christ and His cross, and we enjoyed the planetarium so much we all wanted to go back for a second viewing!  Melanie and I also kept drifting back into the bookstore to check out the great resources available (we bought one or two!)  Oh, and then there were the gardens, and the petting zoo (ever seen a Zonkey or a Zorse – reproduction “after their kind” . . .).

We were told to ask for the guy in charge of the museum, who was so friendly and made sure we were well looked after.  He also introduced us to the man in charge of Answers in Genesis in the UK, which was a good connection.

We had a wonderful visit and would gladly travel to get there again in the future if we have a chance.  We really appreciate the focus on the Bible, as well as the encouragement to fully engage our brains as we consider the evidence all around us.  As they suggested at the museum, starting with what the Bible says really does make the best sense of all the evidence in the world around us and in the space around it!

If you ever have the opportunity to get to the Creation Museum, be sure to visit – it is so worth it.  We had a great time and it was a great conclusion to our visit to Chicago.  Today we fly via Denver to Portland, which will be another blessing as we get to see Melanie’s parents, sister and family, and friends at our sending church!