Counties Conference Messages

Peter —  November 11, 2010

I’ve had a couple of people ask about the messages I preached at the Counties Conference a couple of weeks ago.  They are now online at the Counties site, so I’ve pulled them over and put them on my Sermon Player.  Actually, the first message wasn’t recorded, and in many ways it was foundational to the other three.  But these things happen with technology.  The first message looked at John 5 to see the glorious reality of partnership within the Trinity.  Since it is a central concept to who God is, it should not be seen as a peripheral issue for us as His people.  Anyway, the three messages that are available focus on partnering in ministry, partnering marriage and partnering to perpetuate ministry (mentoring).  If you want to hear these messages, they are available by clicking on the Sermons page, searching on or on iTunes.