Congratulations Mariah!

Melanie —  November 13, 2010

With each of our girls, we have used a book called, “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.”  So far, it’s worked 3 out of 3 times and has produced excellent readers.  We have always had a celebration when each child has reached the 100th lesson and this week it was Mariah’s turn!

In the past few weeks, Hannah and Aliyah have been listening to Mariah read her lessons.

Getting closer and closer to that 100th lesson . . .

Being able to read brings such confidence and joy!

Finally the day of our celebration arrived. We had planned a surprise for Mariah . . . a new big girl sized bed!

Right away, Mariah (and, not to be left out, Joel too!) decided to try it out . .

In the evening, Peter's parents came over to celebrate with us. Here is Mariah reading her 100th lesson.

Celebration dinner!

Look who is special today!

She can even read her own cards now!

I made cakes for Hannah and Aliyah's celebrations with 100 chocolate chips on the top. Mariah wanted an apple pie so I had to get creative . .

Congratulations Mariah! May you use your new skill to devour life-changing books, especially God's precious Word.