Clearing an Inbox

Peter —  August 2, 2013

It’s funny how “off-season” works.  All through Cor Deo I find myself loving the ministry, yet slightly anticipating off-season, when I’ll have more time to catch up on projects that tend to get neglected during the busy weeks of Cor Deo.  We finished the season about six weeks ago.  I’m still playing catch-up!  There was some personal tax stuff, and creating a portfolio of information I agreed months ago to do in July, there was a family holiday with Melanie’s parents (a week without an alarm clock!  And now, there’s the email inbox.  There has also been getting both vehicles in to have the air conditioning fixed during our heatwave, plenty of meetings with folks and lots of other stuff too.

Hopefully in the next few days I can carve out some time to finish off the first draft of a book I was working on back at Easter in Scotland.  Summer is a funny time, but it is a blessing to be able to get to these things.  At the moment in Cor Deo we are praying for our friend Mike to be able to raise the support he needs to join us later in the year.  He will be taking a lot of the adminstrative burden off my shoulders, so Melanie and I are particularly excited about him coming to join us.  Please pray that his support will come in and that we won’t be too impatient – Melanie keeps telling me I should be teaching and not doing administration!

Tonight Melanie is visiting a friend in Kent from the days when we lived there.  They speak on the phone regularly, but face to face time is a real treat.  So tonight I took Kaylah along to our weekly martial arts class.  Obviously that meant I couldn’t take part, but I enjoyed being with her.  She sat delightedly watching the other four warming up.  They all got their next belts presented, and so when Aliyah walked up to get her purple belt (she is doing really well!), Kaylah let it rip, “‘liyah!!!!”  This is probably her favourite word (that’s Aliyah’s fault for being so good with her!)

Ok, back to the inbox . . .