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Peter —  January 18, 2013

Aliyah has been on the antibiotics for several days now and is really starting to improve.  She has 10 days to do the full course, but is diligent in taking it.  Her rash is finally starting to fade and it seems like the worse is over.  Thank you for praying for her and for us.

This week we have had the Intensive and typically this involves having folks over, etc.  Not this week!  It has gone well, though, overall.  I am hoping folks will be able to make it in today.  We have a couple of inches of snow this morning which is probably enough to bring everything to a halt and cause a national crisis 🙂  It was cute hearing the children praying last night – they were both honest and generous: that is, they told the Lord that they would love it to snow, but not if it made it hard for people to get to Cor Deo, or if it made it hard for us to move the stuff into the Searight’s house on Monday (perhaps it could snow on Tuesday? Mariah offered God that alternative option!)