We’re Home

Peter —  November 7, 2009

After a great week of holiday together.  We had decent weather (the rainy bits didn’t matter, but we had some sun too).  W had a very refreshing few days with more sleep than usual, fun games around the snooker table, drives in the beautiful Exmoor area, a couple of cream teas, an adventure for Peter and Hannah in the raging streams near Dunkery Beacon, a couple of hard fought games of Monopoly, good food, a couple of movies, etc.  More details will probably follow, but this post is just to say we’re home.

Oh, and to say that tomorrow I leave for Motherwell, Scotland.  I’ll be there Monday-Friday teaching preaching at Tilsley College.  Thursday evening I’ll be driving down to Lancaster to speak at a special missions event.  Then Friday I fly to Germany to preach at the OM Ships head office team retreat.  I’ll be home Sunday.  Please pray for all of this and all of the Meads at home here.