We’re Here, Honest!

Peter —  May 4, 2008

We arrived in Hillsboro on Thursday afternoon.  But local friends here may be wondering where we are.  Well, we’re here, honest!  Just before we left the motel on Thursday morning, Hannah was sick.  Then again in the car.  Joel had been sick the day before, and very out of sorts.  We wondered if that was altitude related (or my driving!), but obviously not.  So we arrived just after lunch to our temporary house and Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Amy.  It is great!  So many people have leant things, helped out, and gone out of their way to make the place our own little home for these two months.  Thank you all so much!  Thursday night I felt quite rough and had a strong headache.  During the night Mariah was sick, then I succombed too.  Friday evening Melanie was scheduled to fly to California for a Women’s Missionary Conference.  She felt a bit rough during the day, even in the airport (she called to chat through with me whether to go or not), but she decided to go by faith.  The rest of us stayed home.  Her visit was a success and she wasn’t sick, nor did she develop the headache that threatened – praise the Lord (by the way – no headaches in a week, the strict dietary rules seem to be helping so far!)  I’ll let her write a report in the next day or two.  She got home last night and we hoped we were in the clear to go to church today.  But sure enough, at 2am, Aliyah started complaining about her tummy.  Same story.  She’s recovering quickly though, so hopefully by tomorrow we should be clear – unless Melanie finally succombs too!

We don’t have internet access at home, but will be checking in regularly to our email at the all new Hillsboro public library (my new and temporary office!)  So thank you for praying, and if you’re at Westside, we’re here, honest!