Two Encouraging Evenings

Peter —  January 14, 2011

On Wednesday we all drove to Feltham near Heathrow to the church that my grandfather was pastoring until he was promoted and taken home.  It was a good time of fellowship with the current minister and his family.  Together we looked at the story of Mary and Martha and found it both challenging and encouraging.  We got home late, carried sleepy children to their beds and crashed into bed ourselves.

On Thursday I was scheduled to speak at Bath University CU.  By mid-afternoon I felt terrible.  Just a heavy cold, but you know how that can make you feel.  So I headed off in the evening when I really felt like crawling into bed.  I was asked to speak on Rom.7:1-6, a passage I’ve never had opportunity to preach before.  There was a really good number of enthusiastic students there, including one from our old church, which was a pleasant surprise.  I love how God strengthen’s when necessary.  As I preached I didn’t sneeze, didn’t ache, didn’t feel sleepy.  It seemed to go really well and I hope I can go back and join them in the Word again before too long.

Now, back to preparing for Sunday . . . why we can trust the Bible, and how we can dig into it effectively.