Thankful for Clutch!

Peter —  October 12, 2013

We just arrived home after a very enjoyable break in Italy.  I am sure pictures will follow soon, but just wanted to report that we made it safely home.  The clutch part was replaced a week ago on Friday and it seems to have solved the problem.  Actually, the problem seemed to solve before the part was changed, but I don’t want to claim a mechanical healing without proof!  Either way, our prayers have been answered and we’ve made it back without being stranded in Europe – thank you Lord!

Yesterday morning we left our friends in northern Italy and drove up through Mt Blanc – a very stunning sight, and the children loved the snow beside the road.  We headed north toward Paris and took a detour through the city before getting to our motel.  It was great to see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, various palaces, etc.  This morning we headed to Playmobil Land – the ultimate sight in Paris, as far as the children are concerned, and then drove to the channel tunnel and home.

Last year we realized that I had overscheduled and we weren’t able to get a proper break, so we booked this one a year out.  Once it arrived we realized what a God thing it was: we needed this break.  I did preach last Sunday in Torino, but that was the only official ministry on this trip.  Now we are re-energized and looking forward to the coming weeks.  These are challenging days as we have lots of strategic conversations to handle very carefully, but we are excited at what lies ahead for us.  More info to follow, but thank you for praying for us.