Sweat and Tears

Peter —  October 20, 2008

I have previously created confusion by starting posts from overseas with “I’m hot.”  I wouldn’t want to create any confusion here regarding how I feel or how I view myself (not the same adjective).  Anyway, it is hot here.  But I arrived in torrential rain.  After two uneventful flights (a couple of hours of sleep along the way), I landed in Sri Lanka in heavy rain.  So heavy that we stood for well over an hour at the conveyor belt before cases appeared on it.  Thankfully mine made it, although slightly wet.  Then we drove for a couple of hours through flooded streets to get to the Centre for Graduate Studies.  Very nice, new facility.  Thankfully my room has a/c in it, so I’ll be heading up in a minute.  Meanwhile sweat.  Today was day one of class – a great bunch of students, 13 in all.  They are all influential in a variety of settings, including a lot of church leaders.  We have four ladies in the group, you can work out the male numbers.  So last night dinner was brought up to my room for me.  They have no kitchen here so I’m living on Sri Lankan fast food all week.  I heated up my plate on noodles in the microwave and then tucked in (as we say in England).  It reminded me of dinner the night before (see Melanie’s post before this one) . . . tears!  Ah well, I was hungry so I ate it all, then ate some bread to diminish the power of the spice!  It was good food, and a little emotional release is probably healthy for me since I am both a man and an English one too (neither known for tears).  I’ll leave it there for now as I am being picked up for dinner by a missionary.  Please pray for tomorrow’s class time as we will be covering some very critical material (the nature of communication and principles of general hermeneutics).